[News] Han Chaea apologizes to 2AM and fans, "It was the worst mistake of my life"

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Actress Han Chaea was criticized for calling 2AM as 2PM and left an apology to 2AM and 2PM fans stating, "It was the worst mistake of my ilfe."

On the 26th, she left a message on her personal Cyworld minihomepage by writing, "I'm really apologetic for making such a mistake at such a huge event and for such a meaningful award. I'm really sorry for the 2AM members and sorry for 2AM fans."

She went on to write, "I still am lacking a lot of things which is why such a mistake came about so please try to be understanding and I will work my best to try even harder."

Han Chaea called 2AM as 2PM when calling out the award for 'Most Influential Star' at Mnet 20's Choice and received the backlash of 2AM fans.


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