[News] Gumiho Fox Child Attracts Foreign Interest

KBS2′s "Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child" is fielding offers from foreign broadcasters interested in buying the rights to the supernatural-fusion-sageuk, that puts a new spin on the mythology of the gumiho. They’re throwing around that hot-ticket word, Hallyu, as hopes ride high on this drama becoming the next international hit.

According to KBS, they’re looking to broadcast the show in Japan, all over Southeast Asia, and even Europe and the States. They’re currently looking into broadcasters and service areas to plan for the worldwide release.

The series started at an 8.7 rating, but steadily grew each week, now pulling in a 15.3 rating (at Episode 12), essentially doubling viewership over the course of its run. It’s become a runaway cult hit, as the show’s homepage exploded with fan support and interest. There’s something so great about a show that starts small, but becomes a fan favorite and grows its own audience.

Praise abounds for the actors, especially for Kim Yoo Jung and Seo Shin Ae (above), who seem born to play these roles. The young girls are stealing the show, as well as they should; their supernatural transformations and the ensuing struggles are the most interesting storylines, as well as requiring an acting range that goes beyond cute and innocent. They stand toe-to-toe with adult actors, even with their complex characters, and people are taking notice.

In a saturated market full of trendies, action-adventures, and traditional sageuks, "Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child" is standing out precisely because of its unique genre and distinct Koreanness, in its mythology.

It’s interesting that the old-school horror genre is getting a revival in series like this one, and that such a mythology-heavy show is garnering interest from foreign distributors. I generally like the feel of a low-budget horror or supernatural show, because there’s a certain nostalgic charm about it, and there’s something more interesting to me about an engaging story and mythos that can transcend the lack of glossy, high-budget sheen.

"Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child" isn’t one that I’ve kept up with once other series took up my attention, but it’s definitely one I want to go back to, as it’s got a stellar cast and an interesting take on the lore.

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