[News] G.NA describes Cube Entertainment’s President as ‘father-like’

Gina started her trainee life under JYP Entertainment back in Korea.

Although she was called the 'second Park Jiyoon taken care of by Park Jinyoung', her future looked uneasy.

An opportunity came to Gina. As a company that knew her potentials, they sent Gina to JYP USA in New York with individuals like Im Junghui. Min, who was living her trainee life in the US under JYP Entertainment, lived with Gina at that time.

But, another misfortunate event occurred. After 5 months, Gina had to receive surgery because a knot formed in her vocal cords from the rough treatment of her neck. Gina, who returned to Korea, was resting while she appeared in 2PM's music video.

Also, she had to make an important decision. When Gina found out that Representative Hong Seungsung left JYP Entertainment and moved to CUBE Entertainment, she also followed him and changed companies.

Hong Seungsung is the most thankful person to Gina. Gina calls him 'father' instead of 'president.' "He told me to just call him 'father'. He said it was too strange to call him 'president'."

Although it may seem like an expression of intimacy, the word 'father' is unfamiliar to Gina. "Because my father passed away when I was little, I never got the chance to say the word 'father'. The word itself was awkward to me. But now, I call the president 'father' so easily."

Now, Gina started her solo training once she felt at home in her new company.
"When I moved to CUBE, I first met Songwriter Kim Dohoon. Although he worried about my surgery on my vocal cords, he promised "I will take responsibility of you and I will work with you" after he listened to my voice."

Although 4minute (from the same company) was preparing for their debut at that time, Gina was excluded by the 4minute members because of the fact that she was better off being solo than being in a group. Then, the other members of Five Girls all debuted and started their activities, which received much attention from the public.

"Truthfully, I was jealous. I think I felt really jealous when I heard that Yubin was doing well and advancing to America. I thought that it would be nice if my day came quickly."

As Gina was experiencing hardships, she became stronger.

CREDITS: Herald Media (SOURCE); kiwiannabear@ROYALGNA (TRANS)