[news] f(x) Sulli defends Krystal when asked about rude behavior by reporters

f(x) member Sulli defends fellow member Krystal from a question from a reporter, Netizens however are frowning about Krystal's rude attitude.

MBC Entertainment program "Section TV" that aired on the 20th, f(x) members were on a shooting for a clothing CF.

The reporter asked f(x) Krystal during an interview, "Being one of the most stylish members, why do you look at the mirror by yourself while the other members are preparing?".

Sulli however answered the question and said, "Looking at the mirror is part of the concept and preparation" and dismissed the question with her answer.

Netizens on the other hand have commented, "Sulli, we can see it", "In the interview, her attitude is very arrogant", "It did not seem to be part of the concept to me".

Source: Starnews
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews