[News] Flower Covers ‘NU ABO’ and Apologizes to Sulli

Rock group Flower has been garnering attention after uploading a rock cover of f(x)’s NU ABO.

The video appears to have taken place while they were practicing. The video has been garnering much interest after being posted on various portal sites Daum, Nate, as well as the celebrity forum Bestiz.

Flower member Go YooJin started the video off by imitating actor Joo Hyun to introduce the song. He proceeded to sing the song at a higher key than the regular song, showing off his exceptional singing.

Near the end of the video, Go YooJin says, “I’m sorry, Sulli. Do you know how much of an age difference there is between us?”

Flower will be holding a concert, Flower Tunes, on the 27th to celebrate their 11th anniversary, as well as for the release of their fifth album.
Check out the video below.

Source: Newsen.com
Translation: ch0sshi @kpoplive.com
Shared by: rienzu@iheartfx.com

I didn't get it why they need to apologize.. they did a good cover anyway..
or maybe just fooling around? because of the said age gap?