[News] Five films to be release in holidays

Theatres are now getting ready as five star-studded films are scheduled to premiere in Korea soon!

Five movies are set to be released in time for the country’s Chuseok celebration. All five films have been garnering much attention even before their release next month.

First to take the theatres by storm is the action film Solver, which will be released on September 9th. Staring actor Seol KyungKyu, it centers on a 24-hour day period of a man mistaken for a killer.

Song SeungHun returns to the big screen as well in his newest movie The Invincible (A Better Tomorrow). Also filled with action, the Hallyu actor plans to make this film a big hit.

Great news to people who are looking for a little romance, for a romantic comedy film will also premiere in the holidays. Cyrano, staring popular actors Um TaeWoong, Lee MinJung, Choi Daniel, and Park JinHye, focuses on people who were not successful in their love life.

Another movie scheduled to be released next month, Quiz Show will surely make your day as Kim SuRo and Han JaeSuk plan to make you laugh in this movie dealing with 15 contestants who are aiming to win the prize in a quiz show.

The beautiful actress Kim TaeHee is also coming back with Yang DongGeun in the heartwarming film Grand Prix. Taking the role of a female jockey, the pair will bring the viewers a unique love story filled with drama.

The films Invincible (A Better Tomorrow), Cyrano, Quiz Show, and Grand Prix are set to be released on September 16th.

I’m sure the Chuseok holidays will be something to look forward to, as the cinema becomes crowded with fans looking for action, romantic comedy, thriller, sports, and drama.

Source: Star News
Translation: netizensusadae @kpoplive.com
Written by: reindrops @kpoplive.com

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