[NEWS] Cube Entertainment to Reveal Their Trainees

Cube Entertainment will be holding the 2010 Summer Cube Stars Party in Seoul on the 10th.

This party will reveal trainees for the first time ever, and choose one that will carry on the popularity of Mario, 4minute, BEAST, and G.NA, becoming the ‘Next Cube Star’.

Cube Entertainment is rather confident in their method of finding a newcomer, as this event was planned openly. They will have 8 teams competing, and they will be looking for personality, will power, and skills. They stated, “The team that receives the best assessment at the 2010 Summer Cube Stars Party will become the ‘Next Cube Star’.”

A Cube Entertainment representative explained, “After the first Cube Star Party held back in January, teams have been in a silent battle for the past 7 months. They will show off their polished skills on the 10th.”

The super rookie that has been gaining much love with her debut single I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better, G.NA was a part of the first 2010 Cube Stars Party. She then transformed from trainee Choi Gina to rookie singer G.NA.

CREDITS: TV Daily (SOURCE); ch0sshi @KPopLive (TRANS)