[News] Concert ahead, Super Junior expressed their urges through twitter. Fans anticipate.

On the eve of their concert, male idol group Super Junior conveyed their urges through personal websites.

Recently, Super Junior members left comments regarding the upcoming concert on their personal twitter.

Firstly leader Leeteuk "As there'll be many fans from abroad attending this concert, therefore (I’m) very thankful." conveying his greeting and followed by asking the fans to show their support for the concert.

Shindong also left a tweet "Going off to practise now, all (the hard work) for this weekend's concert to show a cool and meaningful stage.” Eunhyuk also left his message "There's many things to do, no more time (left), there's not enough time to sleep too. Shindong hyung, both of us fighting! For Super Show daebak!" Both of them are currently preparing for the concert passionately.

Yesung "Now there's 2 more days left, just hope that the weather will be sunny." showing (his) hope. Fans that are waiting for the concert also responded "Really looking forward." "Hope that the weekends will arrive faster." "Will show a lot of cheering/support even if it rains." and more other reactions.

Super Junior will kick off their "Super Junior The 3rd Asia Tour Super Show 3" on the 14th and 15th at Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Source: TVdaily

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