[News] 'Comeback countdown' Rainbows pictorial 'Makeup costs 500,000 won

7 member girl group Rainbow which has been bringing up topics on their pictorial, their make up costs around 500,000 won (Around 5,000 $)

Rainbow who as put in advance their comeback has shown a cut on the 4th where they transformed image. For Rainbows unique pictorial, they have matched their group name Rainbow with eye catching rainbow colored make up. Associating this pictorial with a beauty pictorial, this pictorial is part of the album which will be in Rainbows album.

Last year, in November Rainbow debuted with 'Gossip Girl' with a sweet 7 by 7 charm which has been receiving lots of love from fans. For this pictorial, Rainbow has transformed into more of a mature image than other girl groups with their youthful image.

In here, they expressed innocence and wearing a white dress but at the same time a natural base makeup with a color. Rainbow is showing their strong chic and sexy image and also a unique charm.

Agency officials said on the 5th that "The make up cost around 500,000 won or more" and "The investment was for the members image transformation:. Followed "It is not used in simple places. There will be upgrades in the music side too".

Source: Nate News
Translations: Seungeun Lee@Prismatic7