[News] CNBLUE First concert,hot live performance!

"We don't have enough songs because it has only been 7 months since we debuted"

Their four black silhouettes slowly came closer. When these silhouettes weren't just about to get any bigger, members appeared on stage and fans' screams echoed inside the venue.

4 member band CNBLUE held their first solo concert 'Listen to the CNBLUE' on July 31st at Seoul Kwangjin Goo Kwangjangdong Ax-Korea. It's been 7 months since debut.

Members poured out passionate energy for 2500 fans who came not only from Korea but also from other countries including Japan. With 'Let's go crazy' from 2nd mini album as the opening song, CNBLUE sang all the songs in 1st and 2nd mini album such as 'Love revolution,' 'I'm a loner' rock version, 'Black Flower,' and 'Tattoo.'

Leader Jung Yonghwa announced "We don't have enough songs because it has only been 7 months since debut. So the concert now may be short but we'll soon release more albums and be able to have a concert with just our songs." CNBLUE performed live total of 20 songs including songs they released as indie bands in Japan such as 'Just please,' 'One of a kind,' and 'One time.' They also led hot reaction from fans with pop songs like 'Lets get it started.'

They did not forget about fan service either. For more exciting atmosphere, they performed a medley with Rain's 'It's raining,' and Wonder Girl's 'Nobody.' They also brought laughter with 'Nobody' dance.

After playing a video with thank you message for fans, members re-appeared on stage for Jung Yonghwa's 'A fool's song' from SBS 'You are Beautiful,' in which Jung Yonghwa starred last year. Fans' glow-in-the-dark sticks also shook energetically.

Jung Yonghwa said "I want to keep the promise that we'll be a band even when we grow old to be grandfathers. I hope I remember this concert even after long time."

On this day, the concert was watched by agency family FT Island and SNSD Seo Hyeon, who appears in MBC 'We Got Married Season 2' with Jung Yonghwa.

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