[News] Chun Jung-myung goes gangster for Blue Salt

Blue Salt is the film starring Song Kang-ho as a retired mobster and Shin Se-kyung as a mysterious assassin who approaches him in order to kill him. Now the film has added Chun Jung-myung, most recently of Cinderella’s Sister.

Chun’s character has always stuck by Song Kang-ho’s side, both when he was a mobster and after he retired. Staunchly loyal, he grows suspicious of the girl’s motives and struggles to protect his boss, who starts to develop “special feelings” for Shin Se-kyung.

This’ll give Chun a chance to explore his tough side; despite his boyish appearance, he’s got a lot of intensity to his acting, and his character will sport a scar on his eye. I hope this will be a bigger success for him than Cinderella’s Sister, which had the solid ratings but didn’t give him an opportunity to really do what he can do, since it kept his character shut up and off to the side. (What a waste!) And despite the image above, we know that he’s capable of looking tough (just as long as he doesn’t flash his smile).

Blue Salt begins filming later this summer.

Via Mk.co.kr

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