[News] Children of Empire's Junyoung, 'My ideal type? Kim Soyeon senior...'

Children of Empire's reliable leader and main vocal Junyoung told us about the leader's difficult point: "There's no particular difficult point, we all get along well before we knew it the hyungs didn't had dongsaeng anymore. (laugh) Seeing that our dongsaengs sometimes eat their hyungs up it became a habit so we had to put a limit. Plus, listening to all nine persons feeling is a bit tiring. So it's good that the members are really reliable."

We hear a lot that Junyoung looks a lot like DBSK's ex-member 'Micky Yoochun' it became a hot topic. "I myself like this senior. I'm really honored, because it was an opportunity to make me a bit more known I'm honored. From now on I won't look like Micky Yoochun but I'll show only Moon Junyoung's charms. If I personally meet the group, I want to ask if they heard about the look-a-like picture who became an issue."

With maknae Dongjun he appeared on the last 'Mnet scandal', it became the center of discussion, they had one women for two so when we asked if the competitiveness was for real he said: "We simply showed a confrontation with Dongjun as a hyung I had to do a concession. But, if he stole my girlfriend I wouldn't forgive him."

Junyoung added: "I can give everything, I'm absorbed in though relationship style so it seems that I can't date easily. If I had an ideal type, she would have a nice skin, and be lively, I like courteous women. If it has to be a TV actress hum... Kim Soyeon senior from the drama ? I liked a lot the cameo appearance. From when I was young I was a fan, she knew all the 9 members name I was really shocked. When I met her she had the personality from the heroine from the drama, in fact because she was a lively actress she is admirable, haha!"

For the end of the year Junyoung wants to get the Rookie of the Year award.

Original article: The Star
Cr: BGSS2_Maknae@EmpireChildren