[News] Children Of Empire's Dongjun, 'If I become the leader? It would be horrible~'

If you got to win on the TV show you could make a donation of a trophy made of 50 don* of pure gold to needy neighbours, ZE:A's maknae Dongjun said: "I don't worry about it I'll donate. If I get the possibility to help then I want to win this prize. From when I was young I had this weird feeling to help, with the friends from my neighbourhood we went to ill person's house and did the cleaning. It was a small thing but when I got to hear "Thank you" I wanted to do it again... Is it in my genes? (laugh)"

Especially on variety show, Dongjun has to use his body a lot which is a bit worrying. "I'm not tired at all. I still enjoy it. I couldn't become an athlete. I could play with my feet at football well but I was a bit weak at playing with my hands at basketball, haha!"

You have been the assistant team leader... "My role was only to repeat what some hyungs said to other hyungs. However, Kwanghee hyung always take what I say like jokes and it's really irritating." What if you become the leader? "Me as a leader? As soon as I'll become the leader the team will just be destroyed. (laugh) But I'm not the assistant leader so I'll only do maknae things so please understand me, hehe!"

Maknae Dongjun trademark is his winning spirit. "This seems to be the most important. I just naturally have to have the control, if not then I'll think "what am I able to do then?""
These days do you still hear about Han Gain? "I hear it even more. These days the drama is really popular and the fans did for fun some photo comparison... Later on if I meet nuna I want to say sorry because I've been using her image."

*50 don = 187,825 grams = 6,625 ounces

Original article: The Star
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