[News] BoA shows her loyalty to Kim Heechul by making a surprise appearance on his radio show Youngstreet

Kim Heechul's close friend BoA has recently made a surprise appearance on Kim heechul's radio show.

On the episode that aired on the 9th on SBS's Power FM (108.7MHz) Kim Heechul's Youngstreet, Kim Heechulls "sister like" friend BoA made a surprise appearance. This is BoA's first time appearing on a radio show after 5 years.

In this episode, it was seen how close Kim Heechul and boA were. Even if BoA was a little tired from promotions for her 6th album, she still went to visit Heechul on his radio show.

During the entire show, listeners gave questions and Heechul and Boa answered them with much humor, any one could see the close friendship they had, and as they described their relationship, a "sister-brother" relationship.

The episode was full of laughter and it just goes to prove how close heechul and boa really are.

Source:Star News