[News] BoA on DJ DOC’s apology, “I didn’t misunderstand oppas”

BoA reveals her gratitude towards DJ DOC’s apology.

BoA revealed a photo of herself posing with flowers given to her after her filming on SBS Inkigayo on 15th August. BoA also wrote about it, “DOC oppas’ surprise flower girl. Even though they were busy… Oppas, I did not misunderstand you. Let’s all promote our music together happily.”

DJ DOC had appeared on the show that day for a surprise appearance to apologise to BoA. DJ DOC has received criticisms from fans after member Lee HaNeul was seen throwing the flower bouquet given to him by BoA during their appearance on KBS Music Bank on 13th August . On the show that day, and BoA had won #1 on the show that day with DJ DOC next up for the #1 spot.

Source: Newsen
Translated by Sookyeong @ Kbites