[News] BoA get's embarrassed by huge height difference between her and Kim Heechul

BoA stands small when it comes to height when she is seen next to Super Junior's Kim Heechul.

Recently, Boa appeared as a guest on Kim Heechul's "Youngstreet" on SBS Radio Power FM, and the two shared stories about their friendship with their making fun of each other and the close relationship they shared.

The two of them took a photo together and BoA had to stand up on a chair to be able to reach up to Kim Heechul's height. Their height difference is so big that it's obvious that BoA was a little saddened by the huge difference of their height.

Netizens commented on the photo, "Oh~ The Asia's star is humiliated by the height difference", "It's embarrassing to see such a huge height difference, but she does not need to be taller anyways".

Meanwhile, BoA is busy promoting her 6th album "Hurrican Venus".