[News] BoA and Jaebum's comebacks receive divided responses

BoA and Jaebum's parallel comebacks, opposite reactions

BoA and Jaebum received opposite reactions regarding their comeback stage.

The majority of BoA's was positive while people thought Jaebum's stingy stage manners left much to be desired.

Omitted BoA.

On the other hand, Jaebum's first solo stage after contracting with Sidus HQ has become the talk of the town. Jaebum performed for the first time after his withdrawal from 2PM on the 7th at Naksan Beach's '2010 Summer Week&T.'

He was unable to fulfill the 20 minutes planned and left the stage after 10 minutes, making many frown upon his actions.

An associate of the concert stated on the 8th, "He was supposed to sing two songs along with a b-boy performance. He kept the promise but left the stage 10 minutes earlier than planned. The audience had anticipated him for a very long time and they were disappointed (with the short performance)."

Jaebum himself admitted on his Twitter, "I wasn't able to prepare as thoroughly. I didn't do as well but it was fun. I got too excited on stage."

On the other hand, Jaebum disappointed his fans by failing to clarify or give a clear answer to the questions regarding his controversy asked by KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay.'

An associate of Entertainment relay stated on the 8th, "Jaebum wanted to be honest but became quite intimidated. We weren't able to progress the interview as smoothly as thought."

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