[News] ‘Big expectations’ for Kim Dongho and UKnow Yunho’s acting competition in ‘Goong’

[By Newsen’s Kim Jiyoon reporter]
‘Prince of Musicals’, Kim Dongho (24), will be taking the part of Korea’s Crown Prince Lee Shin in the musical ‘Goong’ with UKnow Yunho.

Kim Dongho’s agency, Toby’s Media, revealed on the 24th – “Kim Dongho has been casted in the musical ‘Goong’ in the character of Lee Shin, along with UKnow Yunho.”

The musical ‘Goong’ has set a new record at 800,000 tickets sold, and the original manga is Korea’s best selling manga. The outstanding quality of the drama has blown a new wave of popularity over the 23 countries where the show was broadcasted. This musical is truly a work that continues to follow success of the series.

Kim Dongho first debuted in the 2005 musical ‘The Secret Garden’. Since then, he has followed up with musicals such as ‘Grease’, ‘Thrill me’, ‘Beautiful game’, ‘Dracula’. He has been the lead actor of a total of 10 productions and has proven himself to be a genuinely talented musical star in the process.

Kim Dongho has been amassing a wide fan base with his great body and bright, boyish smile, reminiscent of an idol star. He is proving himself to be a new ticket selling power.

The musical will be playing from September 8th to October 14th at the National Museum theatre.

*TN: I’m not too sure about the name of the guy’s agency, the musical ‘Thrill me’ and the where the musical will be. Google isn’t being very helpful with names.
*TN2: That well made drama is their line, they wrote the English in Korean and I just kept it.

Source: Newsen
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