[News] Big Bang TaeYang’s backdancer Kim JiHye closes minihompy

Big Bang TaeYang and his backdancer, whom he had kiss performances with, Kim JiHye make topic.

Kim JiHye’s minihompy was recently closed down, but even so some of the posts she posted up on the minihompy were revealed by fans. There were netizens who posted up encouragement saying that she and TaeYang look good together while there were also netizens who commented that they wish she don’t debut as an entertainer.

Not only so, some netizens also left comments “(nickname: Dong YongBae) You really like it that much to kiss Dong YongBae?”. Even there were fans who commented like “If you are a fan, do not disrespect”, with other anti-fans’ comments posted up, Kim JiHye has closed her minihompy.

Translated by Sookyeong @ Kbites