[News] BEAST's and more kpop artist's music will now be available in the iTunes Music Store

Through Universal Music, the music will now be sold in America, Canada, and Europe

Now there is a way to purchase Korean music in America, Canada, and Europe through iTunes.

The Universal Music company (Representative Yang Bumjoon) stated that Korean music will be available for purchase through the iTunes music store in America, Canada, and Europe where a lot of the overseas fans reside in. 

So for K-POP, 4minute, BEAST, G.NA, Yoon Dohyun, YB (Yoon Dohyun Band), Hot Potato, and more then 200 other songs will be added along with Jo Soomi, Baek Guneoo, Yongjaeohnil, Shin Yongoak, and other classic artists in the overseas iTunes music store. 

Universal Music had been continually adding Korean artists into the global market. This year, they had put out 4minute and BEAST not just in Japan, but also in other parts of Asia as well, helping the Korean culture grow.

iTunes Music store had been established in 2003 as a music site for the American Apple company and had made a big impact in the global digital music market.