[News] Athena Co-Stars Team UP For CF

Jung Woo-sung and Cha Seung-won are co-stars in Athena, the spy drama airing in the fall, but before we get to see how that plays out, we’ll see them paired up in a CF campaign for a smart phone. Two separate ads will be released, with one focusing on each star. (Jung’s illuminates the phone’s functional capabilities, while Cha’s is more about the design.)

Not that I care so much about the ads or the phones themselves, but: hot men in suits! More chances for Jung Woo-sung and Cha Seung-won to look dapper and cool are always a good thing, as far as I’m concerned.

Both stars are brand models for the smart phone, whose CF was shot in Milan. Athena, as you probably know by now, was filming in Italy for the month of July and now shifts locales for more foreign shoots. The drama airs in November.

 Source: Segye
Cr:  Dramabeans