[News] After hearing about Lee Haneul's experience dating a 17 year old girl, Lee Kikwang's explosive exclamation - "Doesn't that make you a thief?"

Lee Kikwang throws a remark to senior singer DJ DOC's Lee Haneul.

On August 22nd's episode of MBC 'Sunday Sunday Night - Hot Brothers (Hot Bros)', during the middle of the avatar corporation broadcast, Lee Haneul and Jung Jaeyong made a guest appearance.

On this day, Lee Kikwang had asked Lee Haneul "What's the age difference between you and your girlfriend". Lee Haneul responded "We have an age difference of 17 years". As soon as he had said this, Lee Kikwang shot back "To that extent, doesn't that make you a thief?" causing the surrounding people to burst into laughter.

Following this "Why does this girlfriend agree to dating Lee Haneul?". At first, Lee Haneul seemed embarrassed but quickly was able to control his emotions and comically responded "There must be something else when my girlfriend looks at me."

Kim Gura revealed an anecdote behind Lee Haneul and his girlfriend. Kim Gura stated "They were playing billiards with me and Lee Haneul would order her to do stuff like "Go buy some coffee", "Go buy some cigarettes", "My coffee was made by Lee Haneul's girlfriend." causing the entire studio to erupt into laughter.

Meanwhile on this day Kim Gura once again caused laughter revealing that "Lee Haneul's girl friend calls him 'sir'."

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