[News] Actor Jung Woosung and SuJu revealed intimate photos

Actor Jung Woosung was spotted at SM Town Concert.

On 21st, SuJu Yesung - at SM Town Concert - wrote via twitter: "The meeting between Yesung and Woosung-hyung - my idol since high school" and posted a picture along with it.

Yesung stood by his childhood idol Jung Woosung with hands folding, smiling shyly, seemingly knowing not what to do.

Not long after Yesung posted another picture of Jung Woosung with Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Shindong. Yesung wrote: "At wine party after SM Concert , Woosung-hyung says he really likes SuJu~ Can you say "I'm Jung~Woosung!!" again".

Netizens commented: "Wow, it's really Jung Woosung!", "Woosung is a fan of SuJu too?" as they hardly think that there is any contact between Jung Woosung and SuJu, and his visit was such a surprise.

Meanwhile, 'SM TOWN LIVE 10 World Tour' will last 21 days, starting in Seoul and continue to LA in the USA, Tokyo, Shanghai, and other major cities of Asia, delivering a big number of joint-performances.

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Translated by LaCrymaMosa@sj-world

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