[News] 7 Members, 7 Colors' Cute+Lively+Leg Illusion Mood up

7 member girl group Rainbow has shown their sexy charm.

In the afternoon of the 22nd at 4pm on SBS TV 'Inkigayo', Rainbow has caught the eyes of fans with their mature and polished style. With a strong melody and sexy choreography, each member has shown their charm.

The title song a is made by Han Jaeho and Kim Seung Soo. It has a hip hop beat and a rock feeling to it, it also is a intense dance pop number. DSP and Sweetune have gathered for numbers of hours to make this song complete.

And also, a song where you can distinguish that Rainbow can do the song with an intense and charmful colors. Rainbow members fresh voice and smooth rapping, with a superb chorus which has upgraded this song 'A'. Like the lyrics: 'Although it is small, I want to save you in your little world' the 7 members of Rainbow show that they have someone held in their heart.

On this day, BoA, Se7en, SHINee, Son Dambi, Taeyang, Chae Yeon, Secret, Rainbow, Supernova, Jo Sung Mo, Seo In Kook, Infinite, Teen Top, Jang Yoon Jung, Navi, Honey Family, JQT, Ari Flower etc have come to perform on stage.

Source: Yahoo Media
Translations: Seungeun Lee@Prismatic7