[News] 4Minute with Erika Umeda!

As 4Minute has just finished their successful Fan Meeting Event yesterday in Tokyo, a popular model and former singer/performer in Japan named Erika Umeda met with the girls backstage and show her fandom with the girls. Just so you know, Erika was a former member of a popular JPOP group known as C-ute.

Erika Umeda already showed her fandom for the girls even during their first single release in Japan. She updated her personal blog with pictures of her in 4Minute's First concert in Japan. 

Recently, Erika Umeda updated her blog again by showing a picture of hers with the 4Minute girls doing the 4Minute sign. According to her blog, she had a chance to chitchat with the girls on the dressing room and they promised her that once she go and visit Korea, 4Minute will be her tour guide. On the other hand, she also promised the girls that when they come back to Japan, she'll also tour them in some of the cool places in Japan. 

Source: Erika Umeda's Blog
Reporting + Editing + Translation: ashleylovesasia@4-minute.com