[News] 4Minute Chosen as Channel [V]'s Breakout Artist

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As the bright and startlingly spunky world of K-pop steadily takes over our music radar, Channel [V] wants you to keep an eye on our breakout artist this month: 4Minute! With previous hits such as “Hot Issue” and “Muzik” topping the charts, 4Minute are back again - bigger and better than ever with singles “HuH” and “I My Me Mine” catapulting the group to international fame and success.

Formed in 2009 under Cube Entertainment (a subsidiary of the prestigious JYP label), 4Minute was an instant success in Korea and in Japan with their first solo concert sparking a turnout of 4,000 fans. Having turned out one chart topping hit after the other, 4Minute is causing a commotion on the global stage as their unique beats and dance moves demand universal attention. The group, which is made up of five members: Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Sohyun, Hyunah (who was previously a member of Wonder Girls and has recently been busting out some solo work), also recently released the theme tune for the Korean talent competition ‘Superstar K’.

With such smashing successes under their name, 4Minute is just getting started… so keep your eyes and ears peeled, who knows what’s next!

cr: Channel V
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