[News] 2pm opens up at their concert: 'It was hard for us too'

Former member Jaebeom and SNSD’s Seohyun each became people of interests at the 2PM concert and the CN Blue concert, respectively.
2PM had their first concert on July 31 at 7pm at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. At the concert, they told their fans about their thoughts on Jay leaving.

This was the first time they have spoken about Jay since March when Jay left. After their opening performance, the group used the oversized screen in the back to say, “We know you guys suffered. It was hard for us, too. But we were able to overcome the challenge because of you.” Chansung also added, “Thank you. We love you.”

On the same day, Seohyun gained interest when she visited CN Blue’s concert. She cheered him on from the back of the 2nd floor to not gain attention. After enjoying the 2 hour long concert, she left before the encore song due to the attention she was receiving.

Source: Kim Yunji @joongang.co.kr
Translation: addictedtomblaq @kpoplive.com