[news] 2am Jo Kwon wont be MC-ing today in SBS Inkigayo

2am Jo Kwon wont be able to attend the August 15 episode of SBS "Inkigayo".

The MC's for Inkigayo are CNBlue Yong Hwa, f(x) Sulli and 2am Jo Kwon, however 2am are scheduled to attend the Cultural Festival in China and Jo Kwon won't be able to make it for todays Inkigayo.

Jo Kwon expressed his sadness on Twitter on the 15th when he said that he had to leave for China and wont be able to MC for Inkigayo.

Despite Jo Kwons absence, Sulli and Yonghwa will still remain as the 2 MC's for this week's Inkigayo episode.

Meanwhile, youngest girl group GP Basic and Nine Muses will be debuting today along with special comebacks from Jo Sung Mo, Secret and Rainbow.

Source: My Daily
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews