[Interview] Interview with the 'Hot Brothers' Oh PD regarding Lee Kikwang

Tak Jaehoon, Park Myungsoo, and Kim Koora showed off quick reflexes despite their ages. Oh PD stated himself, “Since they are pretty aggressive people even if you leave them to be, their personalities match so well that I don’t worry too much.” However the program started getting the support when Han Sangjin, Lee Kikwang, and Simon D showed off variety skills that haven’t been expected.

Especially for Lee Kikwang in the idol group BEAST, he was able to win a laughing point regarding the complex he has with his short height. Before when they were discussing Simon D’s pay, Lee Kikwang said surprising comments like, “Exactly what do you do to make you think and you make that much money? That can’t happen.”

“Of course it wasn’t a comment we told him to say. Since he is an idol he shouldn’t like it when other people are talking about height, but now he brings up the subject himself. When quests come out he asks them ‘how tall are you’. So a while back I asked Kikwang myself. ‘I’m really thankful of what you are doing, but… Is it okay for you?’ Then he told me. ‘Hey don’t worry about it. I’m not going to any taller anyways.’”


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