[Info] SM Entertainment Female Staff Member Ranks Super Junior Members on Handsomeness

1. Siwon–He is just too handsome. If you look at his body parts separately, it’s still, just as handsome. Beautiful! It seems like there isn’t anyone more handsome on the big screen. He’s also very modest.

2. Han Geng–His qualities are very good. When he smiles it’s very gentle/tender. If you look at his body parts separately, it’s also handsome. His figure is very good. He really is China’s handsome guy.

3. Kibum–He seems like a cold prince. Sometime’s he looks ruthless. Although he is a silent person, but he’s really a nice person.

4. Heechul–He is a man that is hard-to-predict.He is very good at looking after you. If you look at his body parts separately, he’s very delicate/graceful. He’s a very emotional person. Although on TV he’s very naughty, he treats his friends wonderfully.

5. Kangin–He is a person that loves to smile. When he smiles, he is very charming. He is very manly but at the same time gentle/tender. He’s very cute.

6. Sungmin–Your first impression of him is that he’s like a little child trying to be cute. He looks much more handsome now. His skin is very good. His voice is very sweet.

7. Leeteuk–He is very handsome. His dimple makes him very cute. As the leader, he is a person that does his best, and is a very conscientious person toward his other group members. He treats his fellow members very well, although sometimes on TV he’ll say he’s mean towards them, he takes care of his members like they’re family.

8. Donghae–Although some think he doesn’t look that handsome, he is still handsome in his own way. His feeling is very good. The small movements he makes are very special. He is an excellent dancer. Although he looks as if he’s very fierce, he’s actually very childlike and cute. When he smiles he charms you so it seems like you’re about to faint. Sometimes, when you look closely, when he smiles, his eyes are sometimes sad, because of his father passing away. His eyes can talk, they’ll display his true emotions, whether he says he’s happy or not. When he says he’s happy, from his eyes you know if he really is or not.

9. Yesung–He is a very very very cute person. He doesn’t really fit the description of “handsome”. No matter how you look at him he is still very cute. He looks better in person that on TV. His singing is really charming.

10. Kyuhyun–He looks old, although he’s the youngest member. He is very manly and has that “man” sense. He is a very shy/bashful, modest person. When he joined Super Junior, he needed to work on his dancing.

11. Eunhyuk–How did he become number 11? He is very bright, straightforward, and cute. He loves to smile. When he dances he is just too handsome!

12. Ryeowook–His skin is very good. Although he’s a little short, he’s very modest and cute. He’s very cute and is the most kind-hearted. He’s very innocent and loves to cook for the members.

13. Shindong–Although he’s not very handsome, but he’s always going to be number 1 in his cuteness. He’s very cute and very open towards people.

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