[INFO] SM Entertainment Artists Dominates Hanteo Charts!

The [South Korean] nation’s best music agency SM Entertainment (SM for short) company’s singers (teams) are occupying the album (sales charts) right now.

The music sales surveying site Hanteo shows the yearly album sales (as of the 18th) on the 2010 Album Award. Surveyed from January 1st to (August) 17th, the (number) of albums (sold) in the nation in connection to the sales show that the 1st place goes to SM company’s popular boy idol group Super Junior’s full length 4th album A version.

Released this past May, this album has currently sold 122 232 copies to be in 1st place. The influence of the tile song “Miinah” is big when it comes to the evaluation.

The 2nd place in this field, as expected, is SM’s popular girl group Girls’ Generation. Girls’ Generation last January released their full length 2nd album “Oh!” They have currently sold 118 644 copies, making them in second place behind Super Junior.

This is not all. 3rd place goes to SM company’s boy group SHINee. SHINee in the middle of July released their full length 2 album “LUCIFER – Type A” version, which has sold 52 398 copies in less than a month, making them in 3rd place.

SM company’s singers strong (album sales) does not end here.

BoA, SM’s representative female solo singer released a full length album this month on the 5th after 5 years. As expected album sales in only (a little) over ten days has her name in 6th place. BoA’s 6th full length album (released in the country titled) “Hurricane Venus” has sold 44 745 copies since (August) 17 making her in 6th place overall.

Here, Girls’ Generation’s full length 2nd album “Oh!” repackaged album (51 269 copies) is in 4th place, Super Junior full length 4th album B Version (47 628 copies) is in 5th place, Super Junior full length 4th album repackaged album (40 791 copies) is in 7th place.

Coincidently, this year of all the albums released in the country (,) the results of the ranking show that SM company’s singers are dominating 1st to 7th place. Other than SM company’s singers there were JaeBeom, 2AM, and Rain taking 8th -10th place (making) it into the top 10.

However, the (ranking) could change by the end of the year.

Last year, G-Dragon who released a solo album, sold more albums than Super Junior and Girls' Generation. There is also a chance that idol group Big Bang may return with a new album this year.

Also 2NE1, who is from the same company as Big Bang will be releasing a full length album on September 9. Last year 2NE1's mini album "I Don't Care" was ranked 3rd overal last year.

With time still left in the year, SM with Rain (非) the music fans watching the war of SM's album sales see it as a different kind of fun.

Credits:Nate Star News
Translated by julzzzz@sj-world.net