[Info] Let's Bring Jay Park To Indonesia !

As some of us already know, the famous promoter: Extramiles, is bringing Jay Park (an ex-member of popular boy group, 2PM) to Indonesia. But, there's a special requirement before any of that happens. Please read the notes below carefully and spread the words to Jaywalkers, kpop fans or anyone!

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Hello J-Walkerz!
Indonesia's local promoter, Extramiles, will work it out if there are at least 150 people (the more the better) who would want to buy a ticket to attend Jay Park's fanmeet. They hope the price for a VIP ticket to be around ± IDR 1 Million and a non-VIP ticket to start from ± IDR 350.000. The price may change, we'll bring you the information if it does later on.

If the amount of pre-order tickets reaches the minimum amount of fans needed to run the event is not reached, the promoter will not be continuing with it. That's why, we, the Jay Effect in Indonesia need to start recording who will be attending the event, either VIP or non-VIP soon. Pre-ordering tickets is available now.

The deadline for pre-ordering tickets for the fanmeeting is the evening of Sunday, the 29th of August. For the time and place of event, we don't know yet because it is up to the organizers and Jay Park's managements to decide.

Although the time and place hasn't been decided yet, EM wants to see how many fans, roughly, would be serious about the event going ahead. For those of you who are sure that you'll purchase and pre-order a ticket, you can send your data/information to our email: Jay.effect@yahoo.com with the subject 'Jay's FM'
and the following information.
Total ticket: (amount) VIP / (amount) Non-VIP
Twitter ID:

If you want to order tickets for your friends as well, all you need to do is include their information and name in the same email. We will reply to your email as soon as we receive it just so we can confirm the details.

On Sunday, after the deadline, we will tell Extramiles roughly how many tickets have been pre-ordered so they can see if the minimum amount of fans has been reached. We will send you an email if the event will be going on. EM said, "The price is not equal with the fan's enthusiasm.'

There are probably no other promoters who would want to do this
because the price to bring Jay Park and AOM over to Indonesia is so high and also because they're afraid there won't be a big response from fans. But luckly, EM wants to give it a shot.

There's only a short amount of time (around one month), so we really need you to work together with us, just so we can see Jay Park and AOM! Don't forget to spread this information to your friends and everyone else.
Thank you, Jay Effect Indonesia.

So what are you waiting for Jay Walkerz? Go and order the ticket now! It's your chance to meet Jay Park!
It all lies in your hands, Jay Walkerz.

For more information :

Official Page : http://jayeffectindonesia.webs.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Jay-Effect-Indonesia/141566292537490">