[Info] Junsu collaborates with rookie Jungwoo for 'Soul Project'

Media Introduction
2PM Junsu holds hands with vocalist "Jungwoo"

A new hot issue 'Soul Project' is emerging in the 2nd half of 2010. 

'Soul Project' is a teamwork effort by rookie Singer Jungwoo, who is in charge of writing and composing this album, and Korea's representative idol group 2PM's main vocal Junsu. 

Although 2PM is famous for never featuring in others' songs in the Korean music market, the collaboration between 2PM's Junsu and rookie singer Jungwoo shows that Jungwoo's outstanding musical capabilities can even win over the toughest decisions. 

Jungwoo has worked with the nation's greatest vocalists such as K.Will, SG Wannabe, and 8eight's Lee Hyun in a vocal crew called 'Soulist,' working in both underground and overground genres. His experience with various musicians will be shown as a final result in 'Soul Project' for the mass public.

The fist title track, 'Tok Tok Tok,' holds a strong beat with a lyrical melody, a hybrid R&B track. The song captures the listeners' attention with 2PM Junsu's groovy voice and rookie Jungwoo's addictive chorus.

'Tok Tok Tok' is a song about a man in sorrow over a break up. The song's title is supposed to represent the heart's tear drops. 

2PM's lead vocal Junsu and rookie Jungwoo's collaboration will display a new kind of musical charisma that was never heard before.


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