[Info] How can you send your request for Music Bank today

You can be a part of this week’s special Music Bank~!!

This week’s K-Chart Number 1 nominees are “BoA” & “Homme”, and the winner will be announced this Friday (August 27, 2010) on LIVE Music Bank.

“BoA” & “Homme”! Who do you think will be the number 1 on the chart this week??
Here is a special way you can share the moment with this week’s K-Chart winner!

Send us your requests for the singer that you think will win. They will do your requests in Music Bank LIVE~!!

Eg> To BoA: If you win this week, please show your debut song ‘ID; Peace B’ dance~! Happy 10th debut anniversary~!

Eg> To Homme: Can I request two of you singing accapella when you say a word after you win~?

Meanwhile, send your TEXT MESSAGE to Music Bank through KBS World Twitter(http://twitter.com/kbsworldtv) till this Friday (Aug 27).
Your feedbacks will be appearing on Music Bank Live~! 

cr: KBS World

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