[Info] Dancing king Se7en picks his favorite dancers

Choi Hwajung's Power Time Radio 
Se7en Guest
Audio Transcript

[CHJ] Who do you think are the best dancers in Korea? Chosen by the dancing king Se7en himself? You have been watching dancers even while in America, yes?

[7] Of course. For males, Se7en. (laughter)

[CHJ] Not bad.

[7] I'm joking. Nah, I'm not joking. (laughter)

[CHJ] What about girls?

[7] Can I pick more than one? I have a few friends that I like. I like Big Bang's Taeyang. And Jae- 

[CHJ] (cut him off) And girls?

[7] Girls... BoA, who recently came back. And After School's Gahee-ssi. 

[7] Park Jaebum, too. 

[CHJ] Ah, yes, he's great as well.


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