[Info] Big Bang’s August/September Schedule + “Lotte Premiere Talk & Show”!


Big Bang who has endorsed Lotte Duty Free both in Korea and Japan many times will be attending the “Lotte Premiere Talk & Show” event this August 21st.

I think this event is just part of the Fan Meeting in Seoul we previously reported. Because that fan-meeting is also endorsed by Lotte Duty and it included a “talkshow” segment as part of the 4 different activities. The fan-meeting has 2 courses, one from August 20th ~ 22nd and August 22nd ~ 23rd, but on Big Bang’s schedule only the 21st of August is filled. I doubt Big Bang would have 4 day fan-meeting anyways.

More activities for the month of August/September:

» August 18th – G-Dragon’s 23rd Birthday
» August 19th – Big Bang’s 4th Year Anniversary
– Taeyang’s “International album release” Release
– Big Bang’s BIG SHOW 2010 DVD Release
» August 21st – Big Bang – LOTTE Premiere Talk & Show @ Children’s Grand Park (2:30PM)
» August 22nd – Seungri – First episode of MBC’s “Enjoy Today” (06:40PM)
» August 25th – Big Bang 5th Japanese Single “Beautiful Hangover” Release
» August 29th – Taeyang – Incheon Korean Music Wave Concert (7:00PM)
» August (?) – G-Dragon’s W Magazine September Issue Editorial Release
» September 25th - Taeyang – 2nd Solo Concert [SOLAR] D-1
» September 26th - Taeyang – 2nd Solo Concert [SOLAR] D-2

Credits To:aleee@ibigbang.wordpress.com