[Info] Another 5 Japanese celebrity blogs about snsd

Azuma Yuri - 26 year old gravure idol, race queen and weather announcer.

SNSD Group
This group just recently came here, SNSD.
This is a group with amazing style and great legs.

Their legs are so long (; ̄O ̄)
I’m jealous. Their dancing is also cool.
I can’t imitate their long legs, but I’ll work hard to have slender great legs.

Matsuda Misato - 21 year old talent/actress.

SNSD Arrived!!!
Since last year Korea talk has increased, and SNSD was briefly mentioned^^
This SNSD has arrived in Japan!!!
They’re appearing more often on the news too.
And I certainly went to SNSD’s first showcase
Everyone was so cute and pretty (*^^*)
Even though it was their first LIVE, there were so many guests. Lol
I wondered if there would be a lot of males, but more than half was female!!
We all danced and sang together and were excited from the beginning until the end!!!!!
The last song we heard at the LIVE was “Gee” and that made me very happy ☆彡
It was an extremely fun LIVE ☆
Of course I’m looking forward to them having activities in Japan, but I’m also looking forward to their Korean activities♪
K-pop fighting


Sukegawa Marie - 21 year old gravure idol.

Happy Birthday
I wanted to go to SNSD’s Mezamashi LIVE performance, but I couldn’t TT
Since it already seems to be on YouTube, I’ll watch it <3

Yonemura Misaki - 17 year old actress signed with AVEX

The other day SNSD had their showcase at Ariake Coliseum…I didn’t make it in time so I cried for a long time..(;_;)w
(Omited parts in the middle un-related to SNSD)
An-san also loves SNSD!
Ever since the first time we met, we’ve talked a lot about SNSD.
We did our make-up while listening to SNSD lol

Nachu - Member of SDN48 (AKB48's older sister group)

Hello *KISS*
Today SDN48 will have their 130th performance~
I really wanted to go to SNSD's LIVE yesterday...

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