[INFO] 4jib Version C Soon in the Philippines!

After sweeping the charts with "Bonamana", Super Junior is in for a second round with their fourth album repackage. The Repackage Edition contains all 11 songs from the first release, plus 4 new tracks! Their hot new title song "No Other" is a lighthearted synth-pop dance number with hip-hop beats. The album also includes a remix version of "Shake It Up" arranged by One Way's Chance and the new songs "All My Heart" composed by Lee Teuk and Henry and "A Short Journey" written and composed by Eun Hyuk and Dong Hae.

For his final Super Junior activity before entering the military, Kang In participated in the recording for "A Short Journey" and also appears in the booklet photos.

Tracklisting :

2. 沒有人能夠再像妳 No Other
3. Shake It Up! (Remix Version)
4. 真心 All My Heart
5. 旅行 A Short Journey
6. 壞女人 Boom Boom
7. 凝結 Coagulation
8. 我這個人 Your Eyes
9. My Only Girl
10. 愛情就這樣 My All Is In You
11. Shake It Up!
12. 想要入睡 In My Dream
13. 春日 One Fine Spring Day
14. 好人 Good Person
15. Here We Go

There will be an album launch event hosted by Super Junior United Philippines.

cr: Universal Records + SapphirePearls