[Info] 20STAR Cafe's Events, Read and you might win something.

Hello~ This is TGN Entertainment's team leader.
The weather recently is so hot!
Since it's so hot there are many people who can't seem to sleep...
Everyone must be exhausted in this summer heat!
We want to bring a fresh feeling!
So the cafe did a renewal^^

Do you like it?

20STAR has been receiving a lot of interest and love
And we have a piece of good news for all of you!

It has been about 1 month since the cafe was created and we're getting 1000 hits soon ^^
Thanks to all your love and interest, the cafe can continue to flourish everyday ^^

Today's announcement is not just that! It is it is!

Hot summer! An event has been prepared to soothe your mind that's tired from the heat!

Gifts have been prepared so please anticipate it^^

1. From the cafe opening on 30 August onwards, the member that is the most active in the cafe will receive it!
(With the exception of cafe managers, winners will be selected from members alone)

However, for the fairness of the event, the content of your post must not be random [T/N: Spamming]
It will cause disqualification of the member at the same time ^^*

2. From 6 August till 30 August, the member that is the most active in the cafe will receive it!
(Once everyday ! The member who has the most attendance in the attendance room will get it !)

Therefore there will be 2 events on 30 August.

The present ! It is ! One and only signed polaroid picture.
Only 3 signed polaroids of the members will be given out.

The one and only opportunity to win a signed polariod ! Do not miss out!

In future, members can look forward to more events that have already been prepared ^^

Credits: 20STAR's Daum Cafe + Skipfire @ WITH20STAR (trans)