[News]Hyomin and SGWannabe's Seokhoon commence 'Chili eating contest'

SGWannabe member Lee Seokhoon and T-ara's Hyomin were paired up for a "Pepper Game".
SG워너비 멤버 이석훈과 티아라 효민이 아슬아슬한 '고추게임'을 진행했다.

KBS2TV aired a special summer vacation episode of Invincible Youth called "Saturn".

The game involved being able to withstand the hotness of pepper.

When the competition starts, Seokhoon slowly chewed on the hot chili, while Hyomin started aswell. The chili was burning in Hyomin's mouth, as she rushingly tried to eat the whole thing.

MC Kim Shinyoung says "Give each other a kiss(bbobbo-on the cheek)" and Hyomin kindly said "No" while they wait at the corner.

Once the competition has ended, they compare and Seokhoon has eaten more of the chili than Hyomin, crowning him the winner.

Source: http://media.daum.net/entertain/broadcast/...97&p=newsen
Written by: Lee Eunji
Translated by: *YANIPOPO* @ Diadem & Elly@Diadem