[DKP Weekly Music Chart] SHINee earned themselves Gold Status!

Hello readers,

Sorry to have kept you waiting. First of all we would like to thank everyone who has particiapated in voting this week. It has been such a great time and we were extremely happy when we saw the total number of votes last night. We have received a total number of 16,117 votes over the week. This week the number of votes increases by 9,000+ more than last week. Thank you so much!

Lets not waste time, this week's 'DKP Weekly Music Chart' winner is... SHINee! This means that they became the first one to have achieved gold status for winning our chart 3 times! Congratulation to SHINee! They also earned themselves their second mutizen from Inkigayo (SBS) today.

Let's see the full result for this week...

Online score sources:

Winner History:

02.08.2010~08.08.2010 ==> SHINee 'Lucifer' (Gold)
26.07.2010~01.08.2010 ==> SHINee 'Lucifer'
19.07.2010~25.07.2010 ==> SHINee 'Lucifer'
12.07.2010~18.07.2010 ==> miss A 'Bad Girl Good Girl'
05.07.2010~11.07.2010 ==> Taeyang 'I Need A Girl'