[DKP Announcement] T-Shirt Design contest !


Hello Dear Readers ! We are happy to announce that there will be a T-Shirt Designing Contest for DKP.Since we received positive feedbacks for the T-Shirts, we would like readers to help us in designing the T-Shirts.We plan to limit the number of orders for each T-Shirt design so that readers would have the opportunity to design for us and there will be a variety.The design with the most votes would be printed and sold as our DKP collection T-Shirts !

When we have received enough applications for the design we will set up a poll for voting.This contest is most probably held every month(Depending on the reader's response, it could be once every 2 or 3 months) for readers to choose.

1.Make sure it is your original idea.
2.Please use the 2 logos of DKP (Refer to the picture above,one logo per t-shirt design,use anyone you prefer).
3.Design it in a T-Shirt form view(Refer to the sample picture above)
4.You could design it in any color background T-Shit(preferably black).
5.Make sure it is not messy but unique and simple at the same time.

This is a chance to showcase your individuality and creativeness !

Send in your entry with ,


Attach your design and send it to, email: Jaz@dkpopnews.net