[DKP Announcement] Project idol message book [CLOSED]

The time now is passed 11:59pm KST of August 15th, that means the submission for our first ever project is now officially over. 

We have gathered 246 entries for this project and we would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sparing some time to write your messages for SS501. If you received a reply saying thanks for ur entry/entries ;) meaning your messages are included on the book If you send your messages after this article was posted, SORRY but I strictly not accepting any messages anymore.

We started this project with a survey a month ago and now we're almost close to sending it to Korea. I, myself will officially start printing all your messages and pictures that I have organized/edited and put it all together in maybe 7-8 different books. One for SS501(as a group), one for each member (Bias messages) and one for each birthday greetings for Youngsaeng and HyungJoon. Once all the books are done, I will take a picture and post it here so you all know what it looks like before sending it to SS501.

We would also like to have some donations from everyone. We will use the money for shipping this project to Korea and for more future projects that DKP will be holding (hopefully soon).

On behalf of DKP staffs, Thank you for supporting DKP and we will continue to work hard reporting/updating the latest kpop news to readers!