[DKP Announcement] Order your T-Shirts now ! (Only For Singaporeans)

Hello Dear Readers ! We have a special announcement to make, we will be launching our first DKP T-Shirt !

T-Shirt Details:
Price SGD:25
Deposit : SGD 13

Note:You will pay SGD 13 when meeting up to order/ bank transfer and will pay the remaining SGD 12 when you collect it from our authors.

This order is due on 20th of August (For Bank Transfer, please send in your email by this date).

Fill in the details below,

Contact Number:
Shirt Size:
Method of Payment:
Bank Account number:(If you are paying through bank transfer fill this up)
Meet up Place:(Choose only one Meet up place from the LIST BELOW, not other places ! Thanks!)

Email it to Jaz@dkpopnews.net

Please only choose one, either Bank Transfer or Meeting up to pay your deposit(SGD13).For the collection of T-shirts and to pay the remaining SGD 12, you will definitely need to meet up with our authors , the place is not finalized yet, we will post up another announcement for the collection place.


Note: We will provide our staff's bank account number when we receive your email.

Choices for Meet up :

1.Sherlene- .Toa Payoh( Tuesday-Thursday )

2.Belinda- .Eunos MRT Station ( Tues 5.30 pm, Wed 3.30 pm )

3.Gina- Hougang Mrt station (Wed 6pm )

IF you miss out the meeting dates before 20th of August, please do send in your email as well, we will place your order first and will meet up later :) !

For those who choose to meet up, please state your meet up choice in the above form and our respective staffs who will meet you, will email a reply to you to give you the full details or contact number for meeting up.Any questions regarding the exact meet up point, please ask them so please do wait for a reply from them.

This T-Shirt design will only be available for sale in Singapore until 12th of August so please order now if you want it !

COMING SOON :Malaysia & Philippines !

there will be another design after we finish the orders and collection of this design, if possible pay the deposit first and pay the remaining later cause you need to meet up with us to get your shirt.To make things more simple and not complicated ^^

-Meet up place for collection is not finalized yet, we will post up another announcement for it.

-If you are busy to collect your T-shirts on the specific date and time from our staffs, we will definitely keep your stock till you are free to collect it, so no worries.