[NEWS] Big Bang Featured on American Magazine "Complex"”!

Big Bang Featured on American Magazine “Complex”!
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Big Bang was mentioned on popular American magazine “Complex” by Marck Ecko, which usually features American artists like Kanye West, Nas, Pharrell, etc.

The magazine had a part on the magazine titled “Asia Keeps Creating It“, which reffered to the eastern creations that have an impact on the western parts of the world. One of them was Big Bang!

“Big Bang: One of the best idol groups in Korea. They’re not just music, they’re also a big fashion influence on Korean culture. They make music with good producers and the new album is out, so young Korean girls are going crazy.“

The album they were referring to was “Tell Me Goodbye” because this magazine was released on July 20th, but it’s the August/September issue, and Big Bang’s album was released on June 9th.

Credit: aleee@ibigbang fansite