Wanna get your banner featured on DKPOPNEWS?

I think many of you might have noticed that the banners on DKPOPNEWS changed randomly since yesterday .

If you want the banner created by you featured on DKPOPNEWS,you can try to submit it here,just post the link of your image on the comment box below this post if you are willing to submit banners.

The size of the banners must be 1000 Width X 300 Height.Please include the watermark below when making banners.

You can download the Watermark Here!

Hope that you can create banners featuring one particular groups of stars only.

We are in need of banners of SNSD's 3rd album and Co-ed School at the time being.Please submit one if you are willing to help.Please note that we will be selecting the best banners to be featured on our site,good luck everyone!!

Attention:Please use the latest concept photos of the artists mentioned to create banners,thank you