[Video]T-Ara Jiyeon and Yoon Si Yoon at Strong Heart!

On the recent episode of Strong Heart 'GoSa2' casts Jiyeon and Si Yoon shared  a lot of interesting and funny stories.
JiYeon said, “Previously I’ve met Yoon ShiYoon through another filming. And people around keep saying that the 2 of us look cute together. After hearing those words, I also started to become a little wary. I was even anticipating that he will be doing something special and nice for me when we meet for today’s filming.”
Jiyeon was so funny and cute while she was telling her story, she herself can't contain her happiness and that's one of the reason why the studio was filled with laughter.

Do they have feelings for each other? Who would lose at their staring battle?

Watch the video cut below and see for yourself.

Taraworld1 for the video
Quote translated by Sookyeong @ Kbites