[Twitter] Eunhyuk thanked ELFs for their 'No other' first win!

Just a few hours ago, Super Junior had topped the K-Chart on Music bank with the song 'No other'. Today is just their second time peforming this song on music bank and they already clinched the top position on K-Chart.

Fans also spotted Eeteuk saying ' Kangin, we miss you!' during the short break of the song. Eunhyuk tweeted after their win saying:

우와 대애애애박 일위했어....ㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 엘프없인 할 수 없는 일....고마워요 진심으로....ㅜ ㅜ
(wah~ dae eh eh eh bak!( its the best) we got 1st. kekeke really cannot without elfs( he mean to be able to win) sincere gratitude~

The members always tweet that they are thankful to the fans for their support and being able to win because of the fans but do they know that the fans are also thankful to SJ for bringing happiness to them?

Translated by Ting18♥@dailykpopnews
Source: eunhyuk's twitter

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