[Trans/Interview] Play Magazine Special 2010 – Seungri, TOP, Daesung & Big Bang's Part

Play Magazine Special 2010 – Seungri, TOP, Daesung & Big Bang's Part

Mischievous Seungri – A sentimental actor with good acting skills
Seungri is always said to have exaggerated facial expression and actions, after the filmming of the variety show’ Strong Heart’ , he felt acute abdominal pain. After being admitted to the hospital, he was diagnosed of having emergent appendicitis. He has been staying in the hospital for a week before he was discharged.

He has participated in different musicas, namely ‘ Shower’ and ‘Shouting’; and also film ‘19’ and soap opera ‘Why did you come to my home?’ . His vivid acting gained him good result in the arena of dramas and he also had collaboration with TOP. They would focus on Japan market this year and they have gained ‘The best pop music video’ and ‘best new artists’awards. When they went on the stage to receive the awards, Seungri and Taeyang recalled the bitter sweet memories after they have debutted in Japan, and it was really not easy to achieve these accompanishments,they could not help wetting their eyes. They were so moved that they nearly broke into tears. However, we really hope that they could share some more time with Korea fans later on. They have already recorded their new Korean album. Taiwanese fans can only listen to their debutted songs first to satiate their thirt. We are longing for you to come here, BIGBANG!

Actor cum singer TOP- acted IRIS to compete against veteran actors
TOP is the most successful member who flexes his muscles in dramas. In the most recent soap drama “IRIS”, he acted out as a cruel killer with Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee, Jung Joon Ho and other veteran actors which did not only make him feel excited but also nerous. He said that he would try his best to act out the character and was really glad to be granted such a chance to learn from the seniors.

In the press conference, he was asked whether whether he would be stressed when acting with Joon Ho since he is also a singer. TOP responded that he had never thought of this question and only wanted to try his best. This is the thrid drama that he took a major role in Korean drama series after ‘I am Sam’ and ‘Good to love’. He hopes that the better his skills, the more positive responses he can receive.

Name before debut: Tempo
Birthday: 4-11-1987
Duties: Rapper
Height: 181cm
Weight: 65 kg
Favourite food: Rice, ice cream and mutton soup
Characteristics: Owning a face with clear and deep outlin, although he is at the same age with others, he gives out a mature masculine feeling

Daesung- with a bright smile that captures audience’s heart, showing his MC potential by hosting in the variety shows.
His started his solo activities by hosting variety shows and he wins the love of the audience by his trademark – a shinny bright smile. That was why he was invited to be the regular host of the first season of ‘Family Outing’, he was one of the main roles. However, it was also for this show that he encounted a traffic accident when he back to Seoul from other places. He broke his nasal bone and some backbones and also got some cuts on the face and foot.

When the news was released,many fans prayed for the safely for him with a heavy heart, wishing that he would be fine. Later, it is said that since it was a rainy day, the road was so wet and slippery that cause the car crushed a bar nearby. Although he only cut a little and had no risks of dying, his company still decided that he would not be able to take part in the musical ‘Shouting’. They hope that Daesung can put recovering at the first place so he had to take a rest. Only by recovering fast could he give even better performance for us in the future.

Information of the member
Name used in Japan
: D-Lite
Birthday: 26-4-1989
Height: 176cm
Weight: 63kg
Characteristics: Look like a boy in your neighbourhood, he leaves a deep impression on others with his true heart no matter in working or being with others.

Music is Attitude

The band that sweeps the whole Asia, no matter they debut in groups or sololy, they always get excellent results. Their music is even imitated by others. You have not heard of this name? Then you are out of vogue…

Hip Hop bang BIGBANG is comprised of G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung and Seungri. Their stongly characterized music and perfomance style enable them to gain the love of the public right from the very beginning. They have been one of the most popular bands in Korea. Their charm is irresistable since even artists cannot resist their charisma and list BIGBANG as their idol. Before their debut in 2006, G-Dragon and Taeyang had already been trained by YG Company for 6 years secretly. Therefore, the leader G-Dragon and vocal Taeyang have solid music power and dancing skills. They are also the vital pillars in the band.

Afterwards, YG company held an audition and from there, they selected Daesung, TOP and Seungri to form BIGBANG. They formally entered the showbiz in August, 2006 when they performed in ‘ YG FAMILY 10th Anniversary Concert’ at Seoul Olymics Stadium and released their first single ‘BIGBANG’. They released the mini album ‘Always’ in the following year with the debuted song ‘Lies’ becoming a great hit in the music industry. They claimed a lot of awards in vaious charts with this album,including ‘ Best Boy Group’ and ‘Annual Song Award’. They even got ‘Artist of the Year’, the highest honour in 17th Seoul Music Award.

Between 2006 and 2008, it can be said to be the golden period for BIGBANG. Their singles, albums all got excellent results in the industry. They also opened a new arena in Japan by releasing several Japanese albums. They also got recognization in Japan since they received many awards in their award ceremony which proves them are really irreplacable.

In 2009, the full-of-potential members started their solo activities. No matter in the music industry or drama, their appearance can easily be spotted and so does their unbeatable popularity.

Photos & Translations by: Rice@Bigbang World