[Trans] Super Junior Siwon and Heechul Single Magazine's Interview

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Siwon's Interview:

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Have you received the preconception that “Handsome guys are all flirts”? What is your personality type towards relationship? Your partner is the cool type or the pure dandelion type?

Because there isn’t much relationship history, therefore there isn’t any preconception about being flirty. Not sure how does my appearance looks like, but actually I’m the type of person that is very focus into relationship. If I fall for someone, will be faithful to her always. Of course have to look at the appearance, but most importantly is the inner heart. Person with clear bright eyes should be more certain in their thoughts, it is good. Regarding marriage partner, need (someone) who can understand the complexity of my work. Even if I wasn’t around, a ‘homely wife’ that can stay take care of the family very well.

Now in the eyes of the fans, you are no longer the pretty boy, but a man. What do you think is Choi Siwon’s biggest attraction as a Man?
Isnt this question better if it was answered by other? Haha Perhaps the personality that is hidden beneath the appearance? Perhaps the attraction/ charm of a B-type man? And also working hard to make sure (I) did everything politely.

When did the body figure started? What is the secret to building a “Choi Siwon’s figure”? If there is such an exercise, what kind of exercise would it be (to introduce)?
Last time, I was very skinny. When I heard that I can’t wear the clothes I like because there is no suitable size, I decided to build up the body figure. Then I start to exercise… Has grown fatter recently, troubled. Even reached 87kg during last year June. The company even requested for me to slim down. But recently, because of music shows/ activities, did not have time to take care of my own weight.

As a part of this entertainment industry, have you slowly change your style of living or any habits?
One word: I am a member of Super Junior. Every single members love to joke and slowly, I became influenced and change to a personality that is bright and happy and outgoing. Or perhaps there is some part of me that is already like that, but I didn’t know it. Last time when I see others joking/ playing, I only stand by the side and watch them, but now I will play and joke together with them. It isn’t that I purposely change to become like that, but it is a natural change. Not because I am a celebrity, but because I am a member of Super Junior.

Not long ago, in an interview, your members exposed your daily life. How do you feel listening to it? Do you feel wronged?
Actually there is some part that (they) exaggerate, so I feel a little wronged when I heard it. My normal actions are very natural but doesn’t expect it to be so interesting/ funny in the eyes of my hyungs. Now seeing those members that can make themselves so happy just by discovering little things in life, (I) feel that they are really a bunch of evil kids. Honestly speaking, I did not open three fingers and greet others like what they say. Hahaha.

The acting skills has received recognition through “Oh! My Lady”. Although the viewer rates ain’t that high, but it proved the ability of Super Junior’s Choi Siwon in acting. How you feel after filming this drama?
The last 3 weeks, basically I only sleep for 1-2 hours per day, consecutively for 48 days, didn’t rest for a day, keep filming. I know no matter what (I did) there will still be some regret, but the emptiness that this drama brings to me is stronger. (because) this is the first time I played the lead, furthermore I have not filmed a drama in Korea for about 3 years already, so there is a big burden. But every fans and related staffs have understand and helped this imperfect me. Here, I really give my thanks.

Do you feel the pressure or responsibility given by the people outside because you are a member of the most popular group in Korea?
Has also worked very hard in this album, and the results are not bad, therefore (I) am lucky. But sometimes I will want to get out of it (the situation). The more you received, the more you need to give up, even the most basic freedom. Sometimes I will sigh/ exclaimed about why people noticed my change better than I do (For example, the change in my fringe and other miscellaneous little things).

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HeeChul's Interview


The 4th Dimension world, filled with self-confidence, self-pride etc… Are you pleased with this kind of image?
Last time it is because of the cold eyes, hoobae singers are all afraid of me. Frankly speaking, initially I will dislike it no matter whoever is beside me, felt burdened. But once (I) started doing activities as a DJ, and meeting more people, seemed like I’ve learn the way to handle situations, and after realising that my mood swings will affect the shows, I start to work hard to treat everyday peacefully, and so my personality starts to change. Personality has became brighter.

Talked about slimming down in CY. Recently, how did you maintain your figure? Do you like your skinny figure?
When the activities start, I stopped drinking and so (it) naturally maintained the body. Having the correct thinking and live life smiling, and feel that the body condition is slowly getting better. Actually, in our group, the one with the best body is Siwon. Since there is such a unique person existing in our group, then no matter how hard I exercise I will also not be obvious (noticeable). So my choice is not muscles, skinny figure is my style… hahahaha.

During student time guys that are usually popular will like the model female student. Kim Heechul also like these kind of girls? Or do you prefer girls that can joke casually while drinking, and is like a friend
Likes the type that can take care of people well, my personality is ‘waving the knife anyhow’ so I need someone that can handle someone like me. Among friends, can still accept casual jokes, hahaha. Hope my woman is someone that can lead me and has the patience to do it. Although I don’t mind who is older, but because I have seen many cute female hoobae recently, seemed to be more attracted to younger girls.

Not long ago, has ended the long drama “I love you ten million times”. How do you feel now?
Not only through drama or variety shows, recently also through the new album “MiInAh”, has received many love and is really happy. Thinking of appearing as Actor Heechul after ending promotions/ activities for the albums. Company is thinking of making me someone like Takuya Kimura, but how could I possibly harbor such thought? Although I am not sure if I am able to become like that, but am still thankful for everything. I should work harder.

Last time, looked very sensitive but recently seemed to be enjoying youself. Has realized anything through life as an artist? The Kim-Moodswing is gone already?
Changed into (someone) that received approval from the members. Perhaps in the past, I need someone to handle/ get hold of me, but recently, because I was able to self-adjust, has more things that become more comfortable with (doing). Although I had worked in this industries for 5-6 years, my personality has slowly changed. Last time was a little more relax but now, slowly mould me into something different.

Although seemed to look friendly, but it seemed like there is a wall that can’t be climbed if you sincerely want to be close to (him). Wants to know what kind of person you are in a private situation without any restrain

There are limited people in my close social circle. Most vital ones are Hongki and Mithra. When we meet, normally we will watch movie, talk about girl, spending a happy time together. Even chatting topics like “Who you think are the prettiest amongst recent girl-groups”, actually when guys meet up together, don’t they normally talk about all these?
Even if we are going to drink, normally its beer or soju. Fixed a place (to go to), or to call (delivery) up to the dorm to drink together. Perhaps it is because we are all AB type, so we are mutually attracted to each other. Mithra is 83-er, same age as me, but is very innocent and isvery thoughtful, I have learnt a lot from him.

Has returned to SBS Power FM “Kim Heechul’s Youngstreet” not long ago to become a SJ. How do you feel returning back to the radio station, further more this time round you are DJ-ing alone
I like radio. I like the ‘cyber’ feel. Seemed to be a good place/ thing for a conservative person like me. Because it has a realistic feel and yet it is calm and quiet, it is very suitable for me. As compared to people knowing me through dramas, using this way to talk to people, softly and carefully and communicating mutually, this attracts me more.

From debut until now, have received many attention and care when you are young, how do you feel (about it)? What kind of pictures will form in your head when you think about it
Thankful to the people that lead me to do what I ought to do when I was in High School, creating troubles and being mischievous. Parents are also proud/ satisfied with their son for being able to create his own world. Have a sense of accomplishment when I saw my parents being happy seeing me in variety shows. Will think thoughts like “What will I become/ do if I wasn’t a celebrity?” when I am tired. But doesn’t have any certain kind of dreams that will appear. Because I am not the type to plan while visioning my future. So in the future, (I will) use all my best effort, do all my best and do the things that I ought to do.

T/N: *untamed personality

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